Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Legend of Oceina Dragon

J.F. Jenkins
Fantasy Romance
Young Adult
Book 1 of The Dragon Saga
Legend of Oceina Dragon, Legend of Inero Dragon, Legend of the Touched

"Fear never smelled good to him.  it reminded him too much of a dirty sock."

Tai doesn't believe in falling in love.  After the devastation her father's leaving wrought on her mother, she never wants to risk herself that way.  Not that it seems she'll have that chance since she has been chosen as a sacrifice to the dragon.  But the dragon's have a secret, a secret which is now hers to bear with them...because the sacrifice isn't her death, but her life and perhaps her love.  Darien has been in love with Tai from afar and can't wait to make her his wife.  Of course life with dragons will be different for her, but he doesn't expect her to be so distant from him.  But political life in the world of the dragons is about to boil over and Darien will need Tai more than ever.  Will they be able to find a way to both love and forge a future?

My Opinion: This was an interesting beginning to a saga that will entail many different stories and romances.  As such, it was filled with tons of background information to create the fantasy that sometimes pulled away from the story.  Various grammatical errors also took away from the story, but it all made sense once you took a second look.  The romance was sweet and fun between Tai and Darien and I really enjoyed that part of the story.  They were really cute together.  The story was a bit choppy at times and hard to follow, but the overall story was intriguing.  With so many characters and build up to the story it definitely leaves you wanting more of the story and anxious to read the next for it to continue.

I received a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.

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