Monday, September 24, 2012

The Unveiling

Tamara Leigh
Medieval Romance
Christian Romance
Book 1 of Age of Faith Series
The Unveiling, The Yielding, The Redeeming (coming out soon)

"The man would be a long time in ridding himself of his niece, if ever, for who would take to wife that filthy little termagant who had but good, strong teeth to recommend her?"

For years, Annyn has thought of little else but revenge for her brother's death.  She vows that he will be avenged, even if she has to do it herself.  As events transpire, Annyn finds herself at the estate of Baron Wulfrith, disguised as a young squire come for training.  Though not even Garr, Baron Wulfrith, knows it but she is the first woman to step foot on the training grounds.  Determined to find a chance to exact her revenge, Annyn is surprised at the man she finds there, and the secrets she may unveil.  Garr is unsure of what to make of his newest trainee.  There is something different about his that he cannot figure out.  As politics wage and a war threatens to change the lives of all Englishmen, Garr must make some of the most important decisions of his life.  Including what to do with his peculiar new squire.

My Opinion: Tamara Leigh has done it again!  This was a fantastic book that I simply couldn't put down.  A gripping story filled with compelling characters, it is a masterpiece!  Steeped in history, the story moved along at a great pace, keeping you enthralled and interested as the pieces unfolded.  Annyn is a wonderfully brave and caring character that most would feel a connection with.  Garr is a layered and wonderfully wrought protagonist.  Their interaction and romance curled my toes and had been yelling encouragements from the peanut gallery.  All the side characters created a wonderfully intricate plot and a rich, full world.  Simply a fabulous book and I can't wait to see what this author comes up with next.

I was given a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.

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  1. I LOVED this book that I read thanks to your High recommendation!! Couldn't put it down either!



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