Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Sponsors

Happy New Year!!  I'd like to say that today's post is a little late because I was up all night partying, but alas, I'm not that "cool".  My night was spent watching a movie with my hubby and falling asleep shortly after midnight.  :)  But enough of that, it's a new month which means we have a new set of sponsors!!  So, let's meet them.

First up we have Marisa Adams and her contemporary novel, Is Love Enough.  Look for my review of this one later this month.

Next we have Mary Urban and her book, Tapestry of Trust.  I reviewed this one last month and enjoyed it.  Don't miss out on it!

Bonnie Blythe is back with us again featuring her new series, Cascade Brides.  If you didn't win the giveaway last month, you really should check these out!

Jennifer Delamere is back with us again with her regency romance, An Heiress at Heart.  Look for my review of this fun one during this month.

Our next sponsor is Debbie Dee and her fantasy romance, The Last Witch.  You'll see my review of this one this month as well.  Lots of fun.

Heather B Moore is next with her romantic short story, Third Time's a Charm.  Don't miss out.

Jennifer Thompson is up next with her wonderful paranormal romance, The Scent of a Soul.  If you purchase this one in paperback, you just might see a quote from my review on the back.  :)

Kelly Martin is our next sponsor with her book, Crossing the Deep.  This sounds like a wonderful young adult romance.

We have, returning, Elisabeth Rose, and her book Love on the North Shore.  This one is on my reading list as well.

Our final sponsor this month is Amber West and her contemporary novel, The Ruth Valley Missing.  Be sure to check her out.

Well, that's it for January.  A big thanks to all our sponsors!  There are lots of available spaces for February, so be sure to contact me if you are interested in being a sponsor!!

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