Friday, January 18, 2013

Seeking Patience

Josie Riviera
Regency Romance
Christian Romance

"But sometimes a man made exceptions to his own rules."

Luca Bolder has no need for the English, including his father who abandoned his gypsy mother.  He can take care of his people without the help of anyone.  That is, until his enemy leaves him beaten and bloody and running for his life.  His only choice is to seek shelter in the home of the English.  But will his presence there endanger those who would take him in?  And why should he care?  Patience Blakwell has enough troubles of her own.  After her disastrous marriage of five long years finally ends with her husband's timely demise, it seems she will still not know peace.  Her step-son, a man older than herself and much like his father, is threatening to accuse her of murdering her own husband.  Nevertheless, Patience is done cowering from a man, and is intent on living a good, Christian life from now on.  Which includes taking in the battered and bruised gypsy who literally falls on her doorstep.  But sometimes being a Good Samaritan can be dangerous, to her life and her heart.

My Opinion: This was a good read with an original plot.  Patience is a non-grieving widow who is dealing with her new situation, though she gives off the feeling of the situation being much older than six weeks.  Luca is a gypsy lord, angry at his half-English heritage and unwilling to depend on anyone.  Their characters, though interesting, seem a bit inconsistent.  While their overall goals and desires seem fairly explicit, their actions are very contrary with no ease of transition.  Their romance is good, but I felt that more of the story focused on their relationships with God and other people, rather taking for granted their growing love for each other.  Few side characters were fun, and provided the backdrop for a lot of the action.  I was a bit distracted by the author's lack of time consistency - a seeming lack of understanding of time-period terminology for things such as fortnight, se'enight, Epiphany, etc. - which probably bothered me more than it would most.

I received a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.

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