Saturday, January 26, 2013

SMT: Radiance:love after Death

Radiance: love after Death
Debra Jane East
Christian Romance
Fantasy Romance
Paranormal Romance

Something strange was happening in Lily Dale. Marena Jacobs went there to search for the one true man that she loved. David had vanished over a year ago and she was beginning to think he was gone forever. The small scrap of paper with angelic script was all she had to go on.

Gabe, a man with psychic abilities befriends Marena and they stumble upon an incredible secret about the town’s people that no one would ever believe.

Gabe’s abilities are no match for Samuel though, who has powers of his own. He is from an ancient sect of fallen angels called the Nephilim, and his one goal is to seduce Marena and destroy the love she has for David.

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