Saturday, February 16, 2013

SMT: A Secret Fire

A Secret Fire
Deborah McBride Hathaway
Historical Fiction

Emma Marchant leads an uneventful life, but when cowboy Thatcher Deakon walks into the Marchant Inn that she runs with her family, she fears she may never be the same. Can Emma gain confidence in herself and realize that she has the right to be in love? Only Thatcher can help her overcome her insecurities, but he has his own fears to surmount. This heartwarming romance novel reveals that when the love between two people is real, it can exceed all obstacles.

The door to the Marchant Inn swung open behind them, causing the bell to ring above it, and Emma turned around to welcome their unexpected guest. A broad-shouldered figure appeared in the doorway and stole her attention entirely. His spurs clanged against the wooden floor as he walked into the room, and Emma couldn’t help but notice his long, thick legs matching his barreled chest. The thin white shirt he wore clung to his biceps that bulged with each movement he made, and his shoulders stretched the fabric to what looked like ripping point.

The handsome man’s deep brown eyes met with Emma’s light blue as she looked back at him, her heart flipping. The solid square jaw that framed his face was shadowed with scruff, having no doubt grown during one afternoon, and his mouth, though not in as friendly a grin as the first man’s, was turned up in a slight smile. 

Never had she seen a man more attractive.

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