Saturday, March 9, 2013

SMT: Gracier

Gracier - First in the Gracier Series
Milissa R. Bailey
Contemporary Romance

Welcome to Gracier, Iowa, a well-kept community with even better kept secrets. Lives are peaceful, streets are quiet, but behind the tranquility is many a tale to be told.

Veterinarian Jessica McCabe has returned, but it is not the homecoming she had expected. Her grandfather, Jonas McCabe and Gracier's longtime vet has died, leaving behind the practice they had hoped to share.

The reading of Jonas' will sets off a series of events that bring into question Jessica's birthright, the truth surrounding her mother's untimely death and her grandfather's sanity. With her world turned upside down she is thrown into a partnership with Matthew Cassidy, the man who chose family wealth over Jessica's love. 

Longtime family friends Dr. Andrew Harrison and Sheriff Chester Caughlin know the truth. A promise must be kept. But those who have kept the truth hidden are about to discover not everything has been laid to rest.

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