Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pure Blood

Cris L. P. Olsen
Christian Romance
Paranormal Romance
Book 1 of Series

"Being a supernatural magnet...being sought after, was my biggest fear."

Anna Imaculada is no stranger to tragedy, nor to the paranormal.  After the tragic death of her parents, Anna is trying to distract herself at her first year of college.  But the loneliness is hard to escape.  As are the paranormal visitors that have plagued her most of her life.  When an assignment for one of her classes forces her to research the Nephilim, things suddenly start turning all too real.  And when she meets a new friend, and her startlingly attractive brother, Anna's not sure what to think.  Especially when she can't keep Jonah out of her mind.  But is there something else going on - something darker?  Something that neither of them can control?  Because Jonah might be more than Anna was expecting...or even had believed existed.

My Opinion: This book had an interesting and detailed background and idea behind it.  The idea of playing with Christian and paranormal stories and intertwining them with a contemporary world was fascinating and detailed.  Though, to be honest, perhaps too detailed at first.  There were several times I felt the story was bogged down with more of a college lecture style of explanation, rather than pulling it along naturally with the action.  I would have liked to see more action and adventure, especially in the first half, rather than the philosophy behind it all.  The characters are nice, though seem to have few faults at all.  The romance is sweet and inevitable, though the struggle against the supposed barrier to their love seems more like black and white rules than something they are really dealing with.  There are a few story threads that are left dangling, or simply ignored, which I was sad to not have tied up.  It is an interesting story and there will obviously be another book, which may complete (or continue) the story more satisfactorily.  Overall an unique and interesting, but hard read. 

I received a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.

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