Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Redeeming

Tamara Leigh
Medieval Romance
Christian Romance
Book 3 of Age of Faith Series
The Unveiling, The Yielding, The Redeeming

"Her eyes were brown, large pools of darkness that might warm a man if ever they shone with something other than ire."

Lady Gaenor Wulfrith doesn't want to marry Christian Lavonne.  Though her desperate attempts of the past to avoid such a fate have led her family into danger.  So despite her preference, she will do what she has to for her family's sake.  No matter how many feelings that may be awakened from the stranger at her brother's training camp.  She has a duty to do, and a past that hides a sin that could ruin them forever.  Christian Lavonne is ready to do his duty and try to fix the havoc wrought by his father and brothers.  It helps that Gaenor is much more appealing than he had imagined her to be.  But their union is marred by her unwillingness to marry him, and just what she has attempted to do to avoid it.  Can they find a way to come together and forgive each other?  Or will their pasts always be a barrier to their future?

My Opinion: This was another great chapter in this family epic full of romance and adventure.  There were some great twists and turns that kept the story going and the struggle for love, happiness and triumph going through the turn of every page.  I loved getting to know Christian and Gaenor better.  Their relationship was wonderfully created and the romance was so sweet and fun.  The interactions are realistic and interact beautifully with each other.  They are amazing characters and fit in well with all the favorite side characters the other books introduced as well as a few new ones.  I can't decide who's story I hope will be next.  This series is one I definitely recommend.

I received a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.


  1. I liked "the romance was so sweet and fun". Thanks for the review

  2. I read The Unveiling, the first book and loved it. Tamara has a way of pulling in the reader and not letting go. Her books are a great escape for me. I must get to the other two books!



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