Friday, June 7, 2013

Pride and Pretense

Patricia Costa Viglucci
Contemporary Romance

"He turned toward her then, giving her a look she would never forget, a look which ended any possibility, now or forever, of his forgiving her."

Maggie Stanton will do anything for that promotion at the paper.  Writing, especially as a drama critic, is what she loves to do.  So when the chance to prove her worth and get that new position comes up, she is excited.  That is, until she realizes it will involve trying to get an elusive interview with up-and-coming playwright, Zan Alexander.  It should be no problem, but Maggie and Zan have a past - one that she's never forgotten and has prayed that he has.  Will he hold the past against her, or worse, not remember her?  The past ten years have changed a lot for both of them, though not, it seems, how Maggie feels for her older brother's friend.  Can she find a way to do her job and perhaps find a way to make up for the past?

My Opinion: This was a cute romance, with great potential.  The characters were fun, though I felt like they could have had more depth to them, as I barely learned more about the main characters than I did the side ones.  The romance was good, a little steamy but not inappropriate.  I did feel that the tempo was off, ending up like a string of steamy and good scenes with little to connect and smooth the transitions. This left it a little jumpy, but the plot was interesting overall with a satisfying romance.  I had expected more of a Pride and Prejudice connection, given the title, but I didn't find that.  It was it's own story, which was fun though unexpected.  There were also several places where grammar or punctuation problems were distracting, but the story was still good.

I received a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.

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