Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Sponsors

Well, it's the last month of summer and the last chance to add to and finish up our summer reading lists (then we'll start the Fall ones, right?)  Today I have some lovely sponsors to tell you let's get to it!

Up first we have Jennifer Kitchens's regency romance novel, A Lady By Any Other Name.  This just passed 10,000 don't forget to get your copy!

Next we have Bonnie Blythe once again with her historical romance novels, The Cascade Bride series.  She's definitely one to check out.

Phyllis Edgerly Ring is back with us again with her novel. Snow Fence Road.  Be sure not to miss this one.

Next, we have Elaine Cantrell with her novel, The Enchanted.  I've read some of her other work and I'm sure this one is just as delightful.

And lastly, we have Grandmother's Namesame by Jessica Marie Dorman and Cathy Lynn Bryant.  This is book two, but you can start with either one!

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