Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Author Interview: Lindsay Randall & CLOSED Giveaway!

Lindsay Randall
author, To Woo an Heiress series

Most writers are readers. What are some of the books you have on your nightstand and/or on your "must read" list?

Yikes! Should I admit that my nightstand has three shelves, and each one of those shelves is tightly loaded? Or that I now have a stack of magazines and books beside my nightstand?

Probably not, lol!

My nightstand holds the books and magazines that calm and excite me all at once. I’ve become obsessed with memoirs. Right now I have I COULD TELL YOU STORIES by Patricia Hampl on top of the pile. I also love books about writing. You’ll always find a book by Donald Maass near me. My copy of WRITING THE BREAKOUT NOVEL has notes in the margins and a rainbow of Post-It notes sticking out from all sides. I keep Julia Cameron’s THE ARTIST’S WAY close at hand, too. I like falling asleep thinking about the craft of writing.

Say your publisher has offered to fly you anywhere in the world to do research on an upcoming book, where would you most likely want to go?

Ah, fun! Hands down, my destination of choice would be Sweden. In Gislaved. In summer. I’d love to explore the land of my forefathers and see the places and spaces I’ve heard about since I was young.

What got you started on your writing journey?

My parents got me started on this journey. They were both readers. I remember my dad telling me that anything I needed to know, I could find in a book. My mom would take my brother and me to the library every week—sometimes twice a week—and the librarian would always have something special picked out for each of us.

In the beginning, though, I wasn’t a strong reader. It took me forever to finish the first book I chose and signed out on my own: ONE OF FRED’S GIRLS by Elisabeth Hamilton Friermood.  Once I finished that book, it was as if something inside of me was unleashed. I wanted to read everything. And I wanted to write. Words, syntax and rhythm have intrigued me ever since.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a writer?

The creative process. I love brainstorming with others—thinking about what could happen and what should happen within a story. And I really, really, really enjoy getting together with other writers and readers and just talking books!

What are the elements of a great romance for you?

Characters that captivate me, a romance that sweeps me away from my own reality and writing that is lyrical.

Do you have a favorite character you have written so far? 

I love Lissa in LADY LISSA’S LIAISON. Like me, she had a wonderful relationship with her father and is determined to honor all that he has taught her in life. She sees the goodness in others and truly enjoys life.

If you could sum your main character into five words, what would they be?

Ah, let’s see… Lissa is independent, creative, curious, trusting and devoted. She’s all of that—and more!

Thanks for the chance to visit with you—I truly appreciate it!

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  1. The 3rd question. It's always interesting to find out how it all started.

  2. What is the most rewarding thing about being a writer? That is an interesting question. Most authors don't make a lot of money I think at least not early on, so there has to be another reason!

  3. I especially liked the character in 5 words question! It's difficult to describe someone in so few words. ;)

  4. The elements of a great romance are all important. Great Q&A.



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