Thursday, January 16, 2014

Book Spotlight: Witch's Moon

Witch's Moon
S.K. Weathers

A Guardians Novella

Mia Myles thought she would spend her 25th birthday like every other year—alone and feeling sorry for herself. Instead, she allows her friends to take her out for an evening of drinking and dancing.

The evening does not end as planned as some very strange things begin to occur and she’s rescued by none other than her high school crush: Grayson Kelley. She was devastated when he left after graduation and she never told him how she felt about him.

Now, back in her life, Grayson has a simple explanation for all the craziness that has been occurring. She’s awitch. Nevermind, that she has just come into her powers—7 years later than she was supposed to—but she’s supposed to track down a magical artifact before it falls into the wrong hands.

And Grayson? He’s her assigned Guardian, of course, asking her to trust him. But he’s not entirely forthcoming, and she wonders what he’s trying to hide.

Author Bio

S.K. Weathers loves storytelling in all forms; whether it is in television, movies, plays, books, and even songs.

She has been writing since she was a little girl, and started her first book in high school. That piece was never completed, but she never stopped writing for fun.

Her first book, Fiance for Hire was written more than 6 years ago as an outlet for a stressful time in her life. The more she wrote, the less difficult everything else became. Her second book, Witch's Moon, is a novella and is currently only available on Kindle.

She lives in Colorado with her family. She hasn't quit her day job....yet!

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