Thursday, February 13, 2014

Author Interview: Cyndi Raye

Cyndi Raye
author, The Florida Keys Series

What is one silly fact about you? 

My favorite thing to do is finding bargains at thrift shops. It is the one thing that helps me relax and I just love to get a great deal. One time I found a pair of slacks, Willis & Geiger for 50 cents at a sale and later found out they were the same slacks that were made famous by Ernest Hemingway. He wore the safari coat of the same name. I sold them on ebay for $150. I couldn't believe my luck!

What are books on your nightstand? 

I am eclectic when it comes to reading. I love romance because I love writing it, but I also love many other genres. Currently on my nightstand is Dream More by Dolly Parton, The Prayers of David by Bethany House, That Perfect Someone by Johanna Lindsey and then of course my Bible, which gets read daily. That's not including my kindle, which has many other titles. On my list to read is a story called The Orphan Train. I can't wait to read that one.

If a publisher offered to fly you anywhere to research a book, where would you go?

I would pick some where out West, perhaps the Black Hills of the Dakotas. I just believe that America has so many stories that have never been told, where many people traveled to find a place to make their own way. Imagine the romance, which I believe was a big part of discovering the westward movement. 

Why do you write clean romance? 

I've read the steamy romances and although some of it is very good, it just isn't my thing. I write this way because of my beliefs. It's pretty simple, really. As a reader myself, I find myself skipping over a lot of details when it came to the steamy parts. I'd rather use my imagination, so that's how I try to write.

What other things do you have planned for the next year or so? 

I am currently working on more books in the Florida Keys Series. I have two so far and am working on a third, Key West Wild. I also wrote a historical western years ago that I am thinking about revising. That may be my next move after I'm finished with Key West Wild. All I know is I will continue to write as long as my readers want to hear more.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a writer?

The most rewarding thing about being a writer for me is the freedom of being able to put your thoughts and stories on paper and then seeing them in a finished product. The first book I published, What Tomorrow Brings, was so earth shattering when I saw it on Amazon. I couldn't believe I did it! It's a feeling that hopefully will always stay with me. It inspires me to do better and be better.

Share about your book. 

The first book of the Florida Keys series is called What Tomorrow Brings. It's about a romance writer, Maggie McCoy, who tries to get away for some much needed quiet time to shake the writer's block she somehow was stuck in. But, she winds up running into Jake Hatfield, a big distraction. They both run into some adventures and she learns to kick back and relax and find love for herself. I enjoyed writing about some of the adventures they went on, like their night riding on a Harley and a trip down Highway One to a Full Moon Party, an actual event that happens every full moon in the Florida Keys.

What are the hero and heroine like? 

The heroine, Maggie McCoy is a very famous author, but she doesn't want anyone to know her real identity. She is reserved and lives her dreams through her writing. She had to have someone come along and shake her up a bit and who better than a man of the world, Jake Hatfield.

Jake is a very successful businessman. He builds hotels and buys companies throughout the Keys and Florida. He is settled and satisfied with his life, that is, until Maggie comes along and makes him want more. His story takes him back to when his Mother died, giving him a reason not to have wanted a relationship before. He works through it as the story unfolds. I think characters are down to earth and readers can relate to both of them. 


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