Friday, March 14, 2014

Mail Order Love

Amy Blakelear
Historical Romance
Book 1 in Oregon Mail Order Brides Series

"It had to be over now, this romance in her head."

Ellie Bates has been left to the questionable mercies of her ex-sister-in-law after a bout of typhoid leaves her without any other family, and in poor health herself.  But when Ellie finds she is to be sold off as a bride to a man who makes her skin crawl, she is desperate to take action.  Surely being a housekeeper somewhere - anywhere - else would be better than that.  Secretly placing an ad in the paper, she waits on the hope of salvation.  Which comes with an invitation to come to Oregon, and the misunderstanding that she was advertising herself as a mail-order bride.  Jared Ford has no time for silly things like women.  He's put everything into working the ranch since his parents' death, but his well-meaning Grandmother has different plans.  Now, how to get rid of the place and sickly woman who's come to be a housekeeper he doesn't need.  But as he gives her a polite chance, Jared just might find out what he's been missing all along.

My Opinion: I had high hopes for this story that unfortunately fell a bit flat.  The concept of the storyline was wonderful, but I felt like there wasn't enough to hold it up.  Much of the story was slow with little action or events to move it along and help the reader get to know the characters.  The dialogue was kept at an overly and almost false level of levity that it just became unbelievable and almost silly.  What I did know of them, I liked.  Jared was a young, but hard working man who was overly polite.  Ellie was another hard worker who stood up for herself when the moment counted.  Grammy was sweet in her own way as well.  I had hoped for a few more loose ends to be tied with characters that were introduced and then lost, but perhaps they will come into play in other books in the series.  Several poor writing mistakes were distracting, but the idea had potential.

I received a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.

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