Thursday, May 15, 2014

Book Spotlight: Jack and Jill: Army

Jack and Jill: Army
Ansley Gilmore

He’s an orphan, 
She’s a tomboy, 
They’re both soldiers . . . 

Lieutenant Jill Jacobson is determined to prove herself in a man’s world, the Army, but she needs an experienced partner to do so. She handpicked Sargent Jack Savage to be her sniping partner because he’s tough, and has a protective spirit—both of which will be needed on their first mission. She must convince him that she’s a worthy leader: fearless, trustworthy, and capable in combat so that he will obey her commands without doubt or hesitation.

Jack aspires to lead a sniper team, and loathes taking orders from a woman, and a skinny one at that. But, his tough demeanor is pricked by her courageous attitude and uncanny ability to get her job done under dangerous and demanding conditions.

When Jack and Jill parachute into the jungle of South America, neither realize the scope of the peril, and attraction, that will arise.

Author Bio:

I have always lived in a make-believe world. It was the best kept secret, until I started writing, and now everyone knows I'm schizo, ha. I hope my stories will entertain you and bring you some diversion.

In my 'real' world I like riding motorcycles, snow skiing, snow boarding, sailing boats, flying airplanes and gliders, and most any activity that is outdoors. I wish I had the opportunity to climb Mount Everest, or search for Noah's Ark on Mount Arafat.

As you can surmise, I like a good challenge, and writing is certainly that. In the end, my hope is that you enjoy venturing into my make-believe world as we go on adventures around the world, and maybe even into space (hint about one of my books in the making).

Finally, I must confess that the most challenging puzzle I found is the human heart. What makes us tick? Why do we do the things we do, sometimes with full conviction, sometimes with hesitation? What makes us happy and sad, sometimes both at the same time? These are questions that I like to broach in my writing. Relationships are complicated, but only because we are complicated. To understand a relationship we must understand the 'other' person, and to that end we must understand ourselves first because with all of our differences we also have much in common. Understanding ourselves, our strengths, and weaknesses, is the first step to understanding others.



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