Monday, July 21, 2014

Book Spotlight: Discovery

Ginger Simpson

Even though a collection of stories is not the site owners cup of tea, I personally love them. These seven were published individually and when the contracts expired, I combined them into one book because they each have a message to deliver about discovering something.

Seven stories in one novel; each one with it's own plot and lead character: a stewardess who discovers her judgement may be a little flawed, an older divorcee who finds something far more interesting than sandals at a shoe clearance, a bride-to-be thinking she has a valid reason to call off her wedding, a pudgy ex-wife with a fear that a medical apparatus will make her look like Jacques Cousteau, a newcomer to Florida expecting fair weather and experiencing her first hurricane, but not alone or scared, a daughter in mourning, pursuing the meaning of three tarnished bars held together by a black ribbon, and a doctor who discovers something totally unrelated to medicine that heals a heart problem.

"Throughout these stories, facets of each person's character are revealed, layer by layer, often with a punch of the Ginger Simpson sense of humor. Delicious! I can think of no better way to spend an evening or lazy afternoon than wrapped in the comfort of her words." ~ H. Haven

Author Bio:
Born and raised in California, Ginger Simpson moved to TN and discovered a whole new side of life. She and her husband enjoy being retired, close to their only grandchild, and their Shih-Poo, Benny. Ginger has been writing over a decade with many genres to her credit. Her favorite is historical western romance, but she's not afraid to try her hand at whatever a character dictates. Yep, she's a pantser and having voices in her head is normal, even frightening when there is silence.

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