Monday, August 4, 2014

Robber Knight

Robert Their
Medieval Romance

"Falkenstein was not a man to make idle threats; he enjoyed making real ones far too much."

With he father lying sick abed, it is up to young Ayla to respond to the dreaded Falkenstein's demands.  Unfortunately, he doesn't want a forfeit of land from them.  He wants her hand in marriage.  Refusing to marry such a monster, Ayla accepts a fued, and the coming war with it.  But she doesn't know how to fight a war.  She can't even stand up to the red robber knight that has plagued her village, and most recently, herself.  When she takes home the mangled body of a man claiming to be a merchant that was accosted by her enemy, Ayla has no idea just what kind of man she is helping.  Ruben has been a fierce warrior for as long as he can remember, and hasn't had an honorable thing to fight for in years.  So what is it about this Ayla that makes him wish his injuries would heal so he could help defend her?  And him to regret ever becoming her other enemy as the red robber knight?

My Opinion: I'm afraid this one had some fun potential, but fell well below the mark.  It was agonizingly slow with what seemed like the same scenes over and over and over.  There was never a reason for the people and Ayla to be victorious, while Ruben was inconsistent in his own character and apparent abilities.  Ruben seemed to be a coarse and never-redeemed or justified fallen hero.  His backstory was frustratingly never explained, until, by the time I got to the extended chapters which were supposed to explain it, I no longer cared.  Ayla was a rollercoaster of emotions that would be fitting for a modern teenager, but it was placed in a time where she would not be allowed or expected to show such immaturity.  Several words and phrases were jarringly and obviously out of time for the setting.  The story stops in the middle, like a bad cliffhanger in a mini-series that leaves you hanging for the next installment.

I received a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.

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