Wednesday, September 17, 2014

His Favorite Cowgirl

Leigh Duncan
Contemporary Romance
Book 2 in Glad County Cowboys Series
The Bull Rider's Family, His Favorite Cowgirl

"Having Kelly in his arms again was enough to make a thinking man forget his own name."

Hank Judd needs to make a few changes in his life and where better than at the Circle P ranch?  Feeling the need to re-connect with his ten-year-old daughter, he invites her to the last place a now uppity pre-teen wants to go - a cattle ranch.  Knowing he has his hands full, he doesn't realize that he'll also have to juggle the sudden appearance of Kelly Tompkins, his old flame.  Especially when he realizes Kelly might just be the key to breaking his daughter's tough shell.  Kelly left home years ago and never planned to go home.  But when word that her grandfather was in the hospital, she figures she owes the old man something.  Despite all her hard work, it would seem she never really got over Hank and their past together.  Though her determination to at least put space between them falters as she realizes that time might have changed him.  Can she trust him with her heart again?

My Opinion: This was a fun book by a talented writer.  Though the set up of the story was slightly cookie cutter, the characters brought it to life in new and exciting ways.  It is rare to find a book where the characters are deeply flawed and yet you find yourself wanting to urge them to forgive and forget and try again.  The romance was sweet and realistic.  The wonderful web of characters and setting bring you into the mix of a series and setting that makes you want to search out all the other books as well to hear everyone's story.

Note* Though this is labeled as the second in this series, I have read another of her books whose characters make an appearance in this one, so there is a whole lovely world out there she has created.

I received a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.

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