Friday, October 3, 2014

Book Spotlight: Shimmers of Stardust

Shimmers of Stardust
Ryan Jo Summers

Civil War hero turned outlaw, Logan Riley was hanged in 1869. He is found, alive, in 2014 by anthropologist Dr. McKenzie Lynne. Kenzie had been hired by a group of physicists to find the missing link to their time travel puzzle. When Kenzie learns of their real plans for Logan, she and he escape into the desert and mountains of Arizona and New Mexico.

The chase is on. They are hunted like criminals by physicists determined to get Logan back and teach Kenzie a lesson.

Meanwhile Kenzie's strong Christian faith works on chipping away at Logan's bad boy heart, convicting him of his lawless past.

Love blooms between them as they race to stay alive and stay free.

The hunters close in as their love grows. Kenzie's faith has to match wits with Logan's old fashioned cowboy survival skills against an armed military and ruthless physicists.

Author Bio

Ryan Jo Summers has been a long time reader and writer and comes from a family of wordsmiths. Shimmers of Stardust is her second novel, and plans are underway for a November 2014 release on a third novel. She lives in North Carolina.


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