Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Author Interview: Jennifer Snow

Jennifer Snow
author, Brookhollow Series

Most writers are readers. What are some of the books you have on your nightstand and/or on your "must read" list?

I love holiday romances-any time of year. I adore Jill Shalvis and Kristan Higgins, so they can always be found at the top of my reading pile.

Say your publisher has offered to fly you anywhere in the world to do research on an upcoming book, where would you most likely want to go? 

Small town USA :) I know that may sound boring to some people, but being from Canada, I love travelling through the U.S. I love Vegas and California and I’m currently writing two different series set in each place, so I’d want them to send me there.

What is your favorite genre to write?

I like to write contemporaries. My Brookhollow series is with Harlequin Heartwarming, so it is sweet romance and I really enjoy writing the softer heat level for this series, but I’m also working on two mainstream contemporary series that are higher heat levels.

What got you started on your writing journey?

I started writing when I was five. I used to ask my mom to give my ‘assignments’, so she would pick a subject and I would read our encyclopedias and then write ‘research papers’ on the subject. I’m such a geek, I know. Then at sixteen, I wrote a YA romance novel and submitted it to Harlequin lol. That’s when I started collecting rejection letters lol. But they were so encouraging and positive that I kept writing.

What other things do you have planned with your writing for the next year or so?

I will be finishing my Brookhollow series this year with books five and six releasing in 2015, then I have two other series that I’m working on. I also have a novella scheduled for release next year in a Heartwarming Holiday Anthology.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a writer?

Writing is hard, for me anyway, so I think the most rewarding part is hearing from readers that all the work paid off and they enjoy my stories. I like to interject humor in my books, even if the subject matter tends to be a little darker, so if I get feedback that my story made a reader both laugh and cry, I’ve succeeded.

How many books have you written, and how many of those have been published?

I have written a lot of books and most sit in different stages of finished in my desk drawer lol, but with my Nov release, I will have published seven books. And I’m under contract for three more to release next year. Hitting that ten book mark will be another milestone reached.

Please share about your book (series) 

My Brookhollow series is a small-town contemporary series set in the fictional town of Brookhollow, New Jersey, population 10k. It follows the lives of about ten main characters and their friends and family throughout a six book series. The books are stand alones, but they do follow a real timeline, so if readers don’t want spoilers, it’s best to read them in order, as the characters from each story make appearances in each other’s books. To keep things organized, I have a pegboard on my office wall with character photos, bios, a town map, etc. And I’ll be sad to take it down at the end of the year, but it will also feel great to wrap up what has been a wonderful experience these last two years.

Do you have a favorite character you have written so far?

I love all my characters and choosing one is like choosing a favorite child…BUT…I will always have a soft spot for Luke Dawson in book one-The Trouble With Mistletoe.  He is such a good man and readers love him.

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  1. Great interview! I always love learning more about the authors of my favorite books! :O)



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