Friday, November 7, 2014

King of Anavrea

Rachel Rossano
Fantasy Romance
Medieval Romance
Christian Romance
Book 2 in the Theodoric Saga
The Crown of Anavrea, King of Anavrea

"Love the man she met a moment ago, this stranger to whom she was betrothed?"

Ireic has enough troubles trying to rule his kingdom with his council countering his efforts at every turn.  The last thing he needs is to get married, especially to an unknown daughter of a hopeful ally.  But duty calls and Ireic sets out to retrieve his betrothed, only to find that her imprisonment is only the first of the surprises and struggles in store for him as he endeavors to marry a woman he is promised to.  Lirth hasn't known kindness since she was abducted years ago.  Until now when a strange man storms the tower where she's been kept, claiming to be her betrothed.  A man she can't even see, and who didn't know that she was blind.  Now she is expected to know how to navigate the royal court who doesn't want Ireic as king, let alone a blind woman as queen.  Can she trust Ireic to save her, and his kingdom?  Or will he have to make a choice?

My Opinion: I really enjoyed being plunged back into this fantastically medieval world full of adventure, politics, and intrigue.  The characters continued to fill in a rich world with people you grew to care about.  Though there seemed to be more focus on the plotline and moving the overall story of the series along, rather than deep character development, it was a fun read.  The romance was a little stilted and odd for me, but sweet nonetheless.  It was a very interesting read that was enjoyable.  The overall Christian-esque religious overtones were strong but not preachy.  A good new chapter in a fun series.

I received a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.

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