Friday, February 20, 2015

Book Spotlight: Meet Cute

Meet Cute:A collection of romantic short stories
Bhavna Mehta

Every woman thinks that she's not perfect. But her dream is to find someone in her life who understands her no matter what, who appreciates her, who values her, who wants to spend time with her, who takes care of her, who guides her, who supports her. Who also, at times, shows her affection, whispering sweet nothings in her hear. All these emotions are hidden in the short stories of Meet Cute.

There's Linda, who Mark comes to value and admire for her simplicity. Then there's Catherine, whose clumsiness is matched only by that of her company's CFO.

In other stories, can Jamie dare to care for Joel, even though she's nowhere near as beautiful as her cousin, for whom he is intended?

Will city-girl Josie be willing to move to a small town to find her soulmate?

To find out, read Meet Cute, a collection of fifteen romantic short stories that will leave you swooning and contented in just a few moments.

Author Bio:

Bhavna Mehta is a home-maker, a wife and mother of two daughters. Currently, she lives in Pennsylvania with her family. But more importantly, she is a perpetual hopeless romantic. You will often find her curled up under a blanket, mug of steaming tea in hand, spending the afternoon with Mr. Darcy or Mr. Knightley, or even Prince Charming if the weather calls for it. She has published short stories in newspapers all over India, but is excited to be writing in the United States. This is her first collection of romantic short stories.

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