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Book Tour: A Thousand Stolen Moments

 A Thousand Stolen Moments by Connie Ann Michael
Anaiah Romance

Can you choose between fighting for your life and fighting for your heart?

When twenty-two year old Emme Sawyer joins a Marine unit heading into Helmand Providence, she focuses on what she does best: keeping her men safe. But, when the unit is hit by an IED, Emme realizes she can’t save everyone. With her humanity on the line, and her faith in question, she seeks comfort from Raven, her commanding officer. Soon, Emme develops feelings that don’t belong in a combat zone, where each step could be your last.

Raven keeps his emotions locked up tight, never allowing the men to see him sweat. But when Emme joins his unit, all bets are off; and the feelings he thought he left stateside begin to emerge. Knowing that the deserts of Afghanistan are the last place to start a romance, and the United States military’s view on fraternizing; Raven tries to deny his heart. Emme and Raven learn you can’t always choose where love finds you. And that sometimes, you just have to trust in God’s plan.

Release Date:
March 3, 2015

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The freezing temperatures of the night woke Doogie. The area was quiet, except for a few light snores coming from the men. She got up, stretched her muscles, and then grabbed an MRE and headed to the fire.
Raven’s shadowed outline was visible next to the fire as she approached.
“Quiet tonight,” she said.
“You should be sleeping. Not sure when it will be this quiet again.” Raven’s deep voice sent a chill through her.
“I’m not much of a sleeper.”
“We have guys with NVG’s watching. The Taliban might be using the dark to maneuver around our flanks. But I don’t think so. You should at least rest.”
“Hmm,” she hummed while she squeezed the bag she held.
“What’s for dinner?” Raven’s expression was more relaxed than usual.
            “Uh?” Doogie held the label toward the fire. “Applesauce. But it’s debatable as to the amount of apples in it.”
            “I have some beef stew in my pack if you want it. You can’t keep up with only applesauce.”
            “Why is it always stew? Why can’t they MRE a cheese burger?” Doogie sucked on the bag.
            “I think the food has to be juicy to get out of the bag.” Raven shrugged.
            “Stew has chunks of mysterious stuff. You’d think a few chunks of normal food would fit in there. Besides, ketchup is juicy.”

            “Well when you get out you can go into the business of creating wonderful gourmet MRE’s. The men would love you.”
            “And the women.” Doogie smiled at him.
            The corner of Raven’s mouth looked like it might have turned up, but she wasn’t sure. “Who can forget the women?”
            “I’ll hire you if you need a job after the war,” Doogie offered.
            Raven snuck a quick glance at her before returning to stare at the fire. “I’d appreciate that. I could be your tester. I’ll see if the cheeseburger is up to par. I’ve been known to cook a mean burger.”
            “Excellent. Maybe you could even cook the burger since I don’t cook.” Doogie rubbed her hands together at the thought of seeing Raven after the war.
            “You don’t cook?” Raven seemed surprised.
            “I enlisted at nineteen so didn’t have time to hone my domestic skills.”
            “Oh,” was all he said.
            They stood in awkward silence for a few minutes.
            “Today’s Valentine’s Day,” she blurted.
            Raven narrowed his eyes, his mouth in its signature scowl, and then started to laugh. “Yeah, I guess it is.”
            “It’s just. Well Tahk told me.” She was such a dork.
            “Was he planning a party? Handing out Valentines to the locals?”
            Doogie’s head jerked to look over at Raven. Had he just tried to be funny? She’s never had an actual conversation with him. Usually he talked at her…or yelled at her. She let out a stiff laugh. “No.”

Author Bio:
Connie grew up in Seattle but moved to Central Washington to be closer to all things outdoors.  Married with two college boys she keeps busy kayaking, mountain biking, skiing ,and hiking through the beautiful hills of the Wenatchee Valley.  Growing up with a love of reading the transition into writing seemed natural and she can be found on summer days writing under the tree in her front yard surrounding by her three dogs.

Give us a bit of your background (where are you from, your family, traveling adventures)
I am originally from Seattle Wa. but currently live in a small town in Central Washington. I have two college age boys. My oldest plays football for his college and my youngest is an avid rock climber. I have been married for 23 years to the love of my life and partner in crime. We love to do anything outside and can be found mountain biking, kayaking, hiking, or camping whenever the weather allows.

Fill in the blank favorites - Type of hero. Type of heroine.
I love strong, confident, faithful heroes that have a soft spot for family and their kids. The kind that will protect you, no matter what and loves you more than anything. I like heroines that put others first and love their family. I also find that honest heroes and heroines are important.

Most writers are readers. What are some of the books you have on your nightstand and/or on your "must read" list? 
I like Maggie Stiefvater for a YA fix and completely love L.N. Cronk and the Chop series. 

Say your publisher has offered to fly you anywhere in the world to do research on an upcoming book, where would you most likely want to go? 
Well I write contemporary and unfortunately military romance so I would probably need to go to Afghanistan or Iraq.  Maybe I should write my next book in Hawaii.

What is your favorite genre to write? 
Contemporary Romance

What is your favorite genre to read? 
Contemporary Romance

What is one silly fact about you?
I love cheez its! I mean LOVE!

What got you started on your writing journey? 
I have always wrote stories and more so had stories in my head. I would watch television as a child and rewrite the story line in my head so it included me. I can’t count how many Love Boat episodes I was in or Little House in the Prairie, so when my boys got older and didn’t want to hang out with me I wrote some of the stories down.

Why do you choose to write clean/sweet romance? Do you write steamy romance as well? 
I chose to write clean and sweet because my kids were still at home and were going to high school and I didn’t want them to be embarrassed by my books. Since I have written a few stories where things get a little steamy.

What other things do you have planned with your writing for the next year or so? 
I have the second book in the 1000 series done and am finishing up the third and final. I also have a contemporary NA and a Zombie book I will finish this year.

Do you have a favorite comment or question from a reader? 
I love talking with readers so the fact they are even asking me anything just blows my mind!

Please share about your book 
1000 Stolen Moments is about Emme Sawyer, a corpsman deployed with a marine unit in Afghanistan. Her unit is an integral part of the Battle of Marjah, which takes place on Valentine’s Day and is intended to give a major outdoor market, under the control of the Taliban, back to the villagers. Of course as with any good romance Sawyer is drawn to the stoic commanding officer of her unit. Regulations make falling in love difficult but soon they are drawn together by tragedy and their faith.

If you could sum your main character into five words, what would they be? 
Faithful, loyal, giving, sacrifice, friend

What are your hero and heroine of the story like? 
Both of them are willing to sacrifice all they can for their fellow soldier and always are putting others need before theirs. They both have a deep seated faith and although at times it seems they aren’t equally yoked they are just in different places in their faith at different times. My character love with their entire soul and aren’t willing to give only a part of themselves which tends to be a bit overwhelming some times.

Use no more than two sentences. Why should we read your book? 
My book is timely with what is going on in the world today and gives the reader a window into hearts and feelings of the service men that are on the front lines sacrificing daily while trying to keep a piece of their humanity.

Do you have a favorite character you have written so far? 
I love Raven

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