Thursday, March 19, 2015

Covering Home

Heidi McCahan
Contemporary Romance

"One tall, handsome baseball player with an incredible smile, pulling her close and offering an adventurous evening in Tokyo …what’s not to like?"

Britt Bowen is a professional, and this interview promises to make her career in sports reporting.  Caleb Scott dropped out of the limelight after a terrible tragedy, and no one knows the whole story.  Now that he is reemerging on the baseball diamond - in Japan - Britt is determined to find a way to get an interview with him and launch her career on her own.  The only problem is, the interviewee isn't exactly cooperating.  Caleb doesn't want anything to do with reporters, and certainly not the very attractive Britt Bowen.  But good intentions or no, he finds himself attracted to her, and giving the tabloids a run for their money.  But can a relationship truly be born amidst the spotlight and their two demanding careers?  In the end, just what will have to be sacrificed, and who will pay the cost?

My Opinion: This book started off with a cute and unconventional concept.  Being anxious for baseball season to start, I was thrilled for a book to throw be into the depths of game-day excitement, with some romance on the side.  However, the story tended to lose focus several times.  Pasts were unexplained a little too long, so actions and reactions were confusing.  The story had action that brought you from point a to b to c, but no real overarching arc that pulled it all together.  The romance was sweet, though I wanted to throttle Britt more than once.  I couldn't relate to her, personally.  While it had a great start and some fun interactions and romance, it was too choppy  in plot and had enough poor grammar to be distracting from otherwise enjoyable scenes.  Overall, made me more excited for the next baseball game than my next date.

I received a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.

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