Friday, May 22, 2015

The Ruse

Felicia Rogers
Regency Romance
Book 1 of Andrews Brothers Series
The Ruse, The Rescue

"What did she expect after only a few days of wooing? Apparently, respect from one’s husband was too much."

Luke Andrews, Baron of Stockport, is in need of a wealthy wife.  However, he's not quite sure he's willing to marry the woman who comes with it.  His half-brother, Chadwick, is in desperate need to cover the funds he lost gambling before his brother returns from London.  Hatching a plan, he tricks Brigitta Blackburn from the local village to play the part of fiery fishwife for paying tourists.  The problem is, Brigitta doesn't know it's a show.  She thinks she's actually married the fool, who passed himself off as the baron himself, and is miserable.  That is until her husband's brother shows up and makes her traitorous heart flutter.  Luke needs to put a stop to his brother's antics before he completely ruins all of their reputations, but how to tell his heart to let Brigitta walk away from him?  With a tangle of lies growing with each day, will our players find their way out of their ruses?

My Opinion: Honestly, this read more like a gothic novel rather than a regency romance.  The plot was a bit outlandish, with actions and events being exaggerated and making little sense.  I honestly expected the villain to twist an imaginary mustache a few times.  Occam's Razor was not at work at any point, with intricate plots more in play than reality.  That being said, it was an interesting read as I haven't come across a book like this before.  The romance was implied rather than relayed, and the events were a bit choppy.  A few modern terms were thrown in and unsettling.  Overall, a unique and somewhat outlandish story, but one that didn't appeal to me.

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