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Book Tour: The Villain

The Villain
By May Nicole Abbey
Western, Christian Romance, Time Travel Adventure

A fall and crash
A violent journey through the doorways of time
A villain or hero in the making

Rosemary Mayfield teeters on the brink of ruin. With the murder of her parents she is left the sole guardian of her younger brother and sister. Once a wealthy socialite in New York City, she now finds herself stranded in the untamed wilderness of the American West. When a wounded man comes crashing through her roof, as rough as the savage land, it is against her better judgment to bring him into her home and her heart. But she soon discovers he holds a secret that shatters everything, and she must make a choice, unaware that often destiny hinges on a single moment.

Fresh from an unsavory past and a violent fall through time, Nicolas Ekkridon awakens to find himself cared for by three orphans ignorant of the role he played in their parents’ untimely death. They accept and embrace him, and a lifetime of hardened barriers begin to crumble. On the precipice between good and evil, only Rosemary and her spirited defiance stands between him and villainy. But time and space are against them. As its weaving tentacles envelop them in an indifferent grasp, they are swept into a shattering series of circumstances that threaten the very makeup of their lives. But when time can be bent, nothing is written in stone.

Author Bios

Caroline Gregory and Shawnette Nielson are sisters on a mission. Their goal is to write clean, adventuresome time travel stories, full of lovely characters, personal growth, truth, and hope.
Although they are many miles from each other, and are both busy with the daily needs of their respective families, they carve out time each night to put fingers to keyboard and write. Their goal? Twenty completed books. Set all over the world and throughout time, they thrill at the freedom that writing time travel offers them. From Georgian society, to Ancient Egypt, and the Wild West, there are even plans for books set in Ancient Greece, the future, as well as today. The possibilities are limitless.

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Author Interview

Fill in the blank favorites - Type of hero. Type of heroine.

We love flawed characters who are honest and kind hearted, despite their trials. In a hero, he must be strong and capable. But he must have a weakness, something that makes him vulnerable. Like John Brooke in Little Women. He is such an admirable and capable character, but his poverty makes him vulnerable and he overcomes it to win Meg and lead a dignified life.
And heroine? We love women who are strong, but also essentially gentle and kindhearted. Elizabeth Bennett comes to mind (and only by sheer force of will I didn’t name Mr. Darcy above). Elizabeth is strong and dignified and fun, but she essentially kind and good. It is a difficult line to walk, but it is lovely when it is done well.

Most writers are readers. What are some of the books you have on your nightstand and/or on your "must read" list?

I just read “God Wills It! A Tale of the First Crusade” by William Stearns Davis. Wonderful. So much romance and human conflict side by side with larger than life historical figures. I’ve never read anything like it. I learned so much! Never a dull moment!

Say your publisher has offered to fly you anywhere in the world to do research on an upcoming book, where would you most likely want to go?

England. See the English countryside I’ve read so much about, to walk the streets of London. A lion share of the books I’ve read have taken place in England. To me it is the literary mecca. Perhaps not necessarily by blood, but by language and national history, it is my heritage.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a writer? 

Being able to create the story I want. Though I love to read, the best part of writing is that I have absolute control over my story, over what happens to the characters and what decisions they make.

Where do your ideas come from? 

That is the best part about having two brains working together! We can bounce ideas off each other. When one of us gets stuck, the other seems to know where to go from there, and we have more ideas than we know what to do with!

How many books have you written, and how many of those have been published?

More than I can count. Haha! And of those, four novels and a children’s book.

What are the elements of a great romance for you?

I like to think of romance in the old sense of the word: mystery, adventure, sacrifice, beauty, the best parts of life highlighted and savored. My favorite types of romance (and this might sound contradictory) are very down to earth, almost ordinary, but with shots of magic throughout.

If you could sum your main character into five words, what would they be?

Brave, dignified, spunky, witty, intelligent

What are your hero and heroine of the story like? 

Rosemary is from New York City and finds herself in the Wild West. Tragedy strikes and she is the sole guardian of her younger brother and sister. She is sophisticated, but brave and spunky. Nicolas, a time traveler, comes crashing through her roof one night. He is rough and dangerous, but is exactly what they need to survive in the wilderness. He has a difficult past, and Rosemary and her brother and sister help to heal him.

Use no more than two sentences. Why should we read your book? 

It has it all: adventure, romance, history, super-natural elements all wrapped up in the enchantment and brutal beauty of the American Wild West. The characters are fun and spunky, but genuine and vulnerable.

Do you have a favorite character you have written so far? 

I’d have to say it is a side character: Shannon. She helps Rosemary throughout the story and is the very living soul of the Wild West. She is unschooled but sharp, world-wise but optimistic, full of vice but full of virtue. Some of my favorite lines of the book come from her!

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