Friday, February 12, 2016

Review Rewind ... Austen-esque Books

Today I'm going to start something a little different.  I've been reviewing for a few years now, and feel like some of my older books are quite worthy of a second look (or first for my newer readers).  So, here's to my first Review Rewind, where I will highlight a few older posts I think perhaps you should go back and make sure they make it on your reading list.  This month, I'm going to focus on some modern versions of Jane Austen stories.

First up is Jane and Austen.  This is a fun tale that plays with multiple different Austen stories.  Taking place at a hotel, the various guests take on the personas of the many wonderful characters from the original books, with modern twists of course.  A fun tromp through literature for any Austen fan.  And of course, you have to figure out just which story our main girl is living through, and who her hero will be.

Next is the Jane Austen Diaries Series.  Pride and PopularityNorthanger AlibiPersuadedEmmalee.  I believe there are two more books in the series, but I haven't had the pleasure of reading them.  Each book takes on a modern, young adult interpretation of the classic storylines, getting a little cheesy, super funny, and quite clever.  I thoroughly enjoyed all of these that I got to read, even the ones I hadn't actually read the originals of.

Lastly, I'll mention Pride and Precipitation. By far Austen's most popular book, this obviously takes on Pride and Prejudice.  With light romance and run, it does an excellent job of capturing the character's quick wit and humor.  A fun read for your Valentine's weekend, or a good snow storm.

I hope you have fun checking out these older posts and find something new to read, or be reminded of one you meant to pick up, but got lost in your pile.  Happy reading everyone!!

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