Saturday, February 6, 2016

SMT: Saving Hope

Saving Hope
Mia Hartley
Contemporary Romance

Seven years ago, Meri made a choice that has haunted her to this day…a choice that left her with enough hurt and mistrust to last a lifetime. She hooked up with a musician she had just met, getting together with him a few more times over the course of that summer before they parted ways. 

To make things worse, the man she hooked up with is none other than Chase Holton, part of the now famous country music sensation ‘Hunter & Chase’. 

That summer, they created the one thing she’ll do anything to protect….her daughter. 

To save her child, Meri has to go up against an over protective manager, while dealing with her own feelings, to get to him on time. 

Chase has never got over the one who ‘got away’. He has looked for her face in the crowds he plays for every time he goes on stage, hoping to find the face that has haunted him for years. On a chance glance during a concert in Birmingham, he looks down in the sea of faces….could it be her? 

Will Meri and Chase be able to unite to save the daughter they have together? If so, will they be able to learn to trust each other enough to discover the feelings they once had, might never have gone away? 

*"Saving Hope" is a Sweet, Clean Contemporary Romance Novella*

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