Saturday, February 20, 2016

SMT: Wilder West Mail Order Bride

Wilder West Mail Order Bride
Kay P Dawson
Historical Romance

This is a collection of 4 clean western romance stories in the Wilder West Series by Kay P. Dawson 

Inside, you will get the following books: 
Maggie's Gift - Short Story 

The terms of her father's will leave Everly with no choice but to marry before her 21st birthday in order to ensure the security of her family. Will she be able to get over her anger towards men in enough time to find someone to marry? Answering an ad for a mail order bride, she finds Ben - a man who needs a woman to help him raise his two nieces left in his care. Can they find love while dealing with both a vindictive stepmother who wants to stop her from marrying, and a meddling woman who is determined to take the children from Ben? They will both have to learn to trust, even as the past threatens to ruin everything. 

Always optimistic Sarah believes in happily ever after, even after her own heartbreak. After overhearing a conversation that will affect her future, she decides to take fate into her own hands and answer an ad for a mail order bride. However, imagine her shock when she arrives in Wyoming only to discover the very man who broke her heart is standing there, determined to save her from the man she was coming to marry. 

Jake swore he would never marry after being left at the alter, but as a favor to his cousin, he meets the train carrying a woman he has vowed to put his distance between. In order to save her from having to follow through with a marriage to the most dangerous man in the state, Jake ends up having to marry her himself. 

Angry about being forced into a marriage he never wanted, Jake is determined not to make this easy. But, Sarah is also determined, promising to show him that happily ever after isn't just in fairy tales. 

Sarah and Jake will be put to the test as they struggle to understand their feelings, until something happens that threatens to take away everything they have together. 

Will Jake be able to realize his love for Sarah before it's too late? 

Determined not to be a burden on her mother, Beth takes a job working with the local sheriff. Hoping to use her position to help take down the much hated Barlow men, she doesn’t plan on the feelings she will start to have for the man she is working beside. When she is charged with a crime she didn’t commit, can the man she has started to care for help her? Or, will it be even too much for him to save her? 

Nate Dixon has his own score to settle with the Barlow’s, and doesn’t need interference from a woman getting in his way. As if one woman working with him wasn’t enough to deal with, now he has another woman arriving with the expectation of marriage. Trouble is, she isn’t the woman he is in love with. 

What will happen when he discovers something from the past that can change everything? And, will this new woman get between what is starting to grow between him and Beth? 

Together, Nate and Beth will have to find a way to get through the pain of the past and learn to trust each other, while they deal with circumstances that seem determined to keep them apart. 

MAGGIE'S GIFT - Short Story 
Fleeing from a man determined to make her his own after the death of her husband, Emma finds herself in Mulder Creek, Wyoming with only her dog for company. During her darkest days, she always had Maggie, a small but fierce dog who had taken it upon herself to protect and offer Emma companionship when it was needed. 

When she meets Andrew, she believes she could find happiness. But, what will happen when the man she is fleeing from shows up intent on making her go back with him? Can she let herself trust the man who has shown her a glimpse of happiness? 

Read the story of how a woman who has endured a life of loneliness and pain, finds companionship and protection in an unlikely friend.

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