Friday, March 11, 2016

Review Rewind...A Bit of Pixie Dust

It's time to check back on some great books.  With St Patrick's Day coming up, I thought it would be fun to look at some of magical, paranormal stories.  Leprechauns always spring to mind, of course, but there are also other fun stories of fairies, mythology, and the like.  Here I'd like to focus on four that I have really enjoyed over the years.

Goddess Born - This is a fairly interesting one, combining the world of Quakers and that of Celtic mythology.  The story is wonderful because it has a great combination of action and romance, while making the paranormal realistic.

Hooked: a True Faerie Tale - Okay, this one is a little darker and not my average romance novel.  That being said, I found it an utterly fascinating twist on the story of Peter Pan that was so enthralling that I enjoyed every dark bit of it.  If you're willing to play with the story and see where it can go, give it a try.

Matching Wits With Venus - This is a super sweet contemporary romance dealing with classic and popular Greek mythology and a modern heroine just trying to help people find love.  The rich characters in this one were a fun little weekend read.

Kiss Me I'm Irish - A bit of time-travel and romance make this a great read as well.  Realistic and flawed characters make this fun and believable.  Who doesn't need a little Irish magic for their St Patrick's Day?

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  1. I love leprechauns stories, anything that involves Irish folklore is a must read to me.
    Thanks for recomending some books.

    Ruty @Reading…Dreaming



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