Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Kiss and a Dream

Linda Andrews
Book 6 in Love's Great War Series
Hearts in Barbed Wire, Entanglements, Unmask My Heart, A Gift From St Nick, The Christmas Ship, A Kiss and a Dream

"Gretchen's oversized man's coat reeked of whiskey and body odor. But beggars couldn't be choosey, and thieves even less so."

Gretchen Fultz never dreamed she would be fighting through the snow, with a name and children not her own, escaping life in a workhouse.  Yet here she is, nearly freezing to death trying to escape to a life that can only be better.  What she doesn't expect is Kian  to save her, or for her to see a way to find safety and happiness.  That is, so long as he doesn't find out she's been lying to him.  Kian Bryne wants nothing to do with women since his wife's disloyalty and death.  But with four children and the town's censure, life isn't easy.  The last thing he needs is a German woman and her children thrown into his life.  But perhaps Gretchen can bring some order to his home, and love to his life.  If only he can keep her safe and convince her to stay.

My Opinion: This was a compelling and very interesting read.  I loved the setting, both dealing with the effects of the war as well as the small town feel.  It was definitely part of a series (one I'd love to read more of) but stood on its own well.  Gretchen was a wonderful character, both hard working and strong.  Kian is a romantic reluctant hero.  They both balance well their selfish motivations for needing the other with their obvious desire for a real relationship.  There are several great twists and turns that kept me dying for a happy ending.  It was a sweet and lovely romance.  Great side characters, obviously borrowed from earlier books, made you feel like you really were there in the small, close-knit community.  I must say, I loved it.

I received a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.

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