Thursday, April 21, 2016

Dark One's Mistress

Aldrea Alien
Fantasy Romance
Book 1, Dark One Trilogy

"One dark brow rose, the glint in his eyes intensifying as his gaze slowly ran over her once more. 'They picked you to be my mistress?'"

News of the death of the Dark Lord has reached Everdark.  Not that they knew him well, though his reach was well known.  Now, the new Dark Lord needs a mistress to produce an heir.  Kidnapped from her home, Clara is determined to not fall in line with the Dark Lord's wishes.  No matter how alluring he is, nor how hard it is to escape.  Lucias needs an heir.  Dying heirless would mean that the army would be set free, something that cannot happen.  But Clara is intriguing, and he wants more than an heir from her.  Can he convince her to give him a chance?  Before the one who murdered his father comes after him, too?

My Opinion: This was a realistic and deeply emotional book.  I loved getting into the head of the main characters and the story unfolded.  I enjoyed the fact that Clara was realistic in her desire to run away from the dangerous man she is trapped with.  She wasn't meek, but rather feisty which made her falling in love all the more enjoyable.  Lucias is a dark character, haunted with the reality of his responsibility.  Their relationship, though at times a little volatile, is thrilling and fun.  On occasion it got slightly steamy, still completely clean, but perhaps not for my teenaged sister to read.  A few grammatical errors, but not too many.  Overall, excellent characters and a wonderful fantasy world made for a enchantingly romantic story.

I received a free copy of this book to review.  No other compensation was given.  The summary and review are 100% my own.

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