Friday, April 8, 2016

Review Rewind: Regency

I have to say, Regency romances were the first romances I ever read.  Sitting in a pink rocking chair at my grandma's cabin, I devoured them.  She had a little bookcase filled with them, right next to the stairs so you could look outside and see the squirrels playing on the back deck.  They will always have a special place in my heart.  

So, here are a few I'd like to highlight.  So, if you didn't see them the first time around, check them out!  Great reading for the weekend.

A Lot Like a Lady  She's in town for the Season, but she's not a lady.  A a maid in masquerade, she will find that there is more than fun and games to be found in London.  This is a wonderful trip through Regency London.  Deception and romance mingle together to take you along an adventurous rollercoaster.  Loved this book!

A Limited Engagement  She needs money and he needs a fiancee.  Preferrably one who doesn't expect to actually get married in the end.  This is a wonderful example of what Regency romance should be.  Breaking the ever-important rules, romance where they least expected it, and a lot of fun.

The Earl's Masquerade  Can two people, trying to solve separate mysteries, help each other out?  Murder and theft provide a backdrop for adventure and romance.  This was an exciting book, and part of a delightful series.  Unexpected developments and fun scenes made this a great book.

Deceiving the Duke of Kerrington As a lady's maid, should she admit her mistress has run off to elope, or aid her by taking her place for a time?  And what about her lady's intended fiancee?  This is a sweet romance and the start of a good series.  Twists and turns pull you emotionally to the very last page.

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