Friday, July 22, 2016

Book Spotlight: The Wayfaring Swan

The Wayfaring Swan
Rose Schmidt

This refreshingly different romantic comedy is full of surprises and laugh out loud funny. A delightful combination of romance, adventure, and hilarious one liners make for a great summer read.

Liana Taylor, straight laced owner of The Wayfaring Swan travel agency, knows how to make the dreams of others come true, but has given up on her own. Her meddling mother tries to give her daughter a happy ending by recreating the plot of a historical romance novel. She enlists the help of Taron Royce, a passionate and free spirited sailor who is haunted by his past. They are accompanied by a motley crew that includes a snarky fashionista, a femme fatale best friend, and two phobic sailors.

Liana becomes a reluctant participant when Taron devises a way to thwart her mother's plans. Will they learn to navigate an antique ship and their own troubled waters? What happens when a fun-filled vacation turns into real life drama? It is an action-packed race for survival in the Florida Keys as secrets are revealed, and the bonds of love are tested.

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Author Bio:
ROSE SCHMIDT graduated from the University of Guelph with a master’s degree in psychology. Her studies and professional experience in education helped her glean an inceptive insight into human nature. Rose is a native of Southern Ontario and currently resides in the rolling hills of Dufferin County. THE WAYFARING SWAN is her debut novel. She enjoys the challenge of embedding deeper themes in a writing style that is humourous and lighthearted. Rose is fascinated by characters that are unconventional and transcend stereotypes. When not writing, she enjoys horseback riding, hiking, and dancing her way through each day. Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation help balance a busy writer's life.

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