Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sorry I've Been Gone

Hello, again, all you lovely readers.  I am so sorry for having seemingly disappeared for the last month.  I hadn't intended to.  Not by a long shot.  However, the long and short of it, is...I'm expecting a baby!  While we are simply delighted to add to the wonderful children we have, this pregnancy has been difficult.

I'm not usually this sick, so I was taken completely off guard when my normal week of mild nausea ended up being over a month of switching between running to the bathroom, and laying on the couch, hoping I wouldn't have to run to the bathroom.  As such, I have had to take an unplanned break from my reading, typing, answering emails, and really anything that required me to be upright or focused that wasn't directly involved with taking care of my family.

But, I'm hoping that I'm turning a corner here and will be back to my normal blogging self.  So, I wanted to let you all know that I haven't abandoned the blog, or you, or the wonderful clean romance authors out that whom I am anxious to introduce you to.  Though if I still miss a post here or there, I hope you'll be patient with me.  :)

Happy Reading, everyone!


  1. Congratulations!!! I hope you feel much better very soon!

  2. Congrats! Babies are the best but, yes, pregnancy can surely make you feel like crap. Each one is so unpredictable. Hopefully the feeling sick is just a short term with this one. Good luck!

  3. Congratulations on the great news! Wishing you and your family a healthy new addition.

  4. Congratulations and I hope you will feel better soon.



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