Friday, September 23, 2016

Book Spotlight: After the Fireweed

After the Fireweed
Beth Carpenter
Contemporary Romance

Sweet Alaskan romance with a chewy mystery center :

Laura's Alaskan summer almost comes to an abrupt end over a territorial dispute with a bear, but a fellow hiker comes to the rescue. Tally at day's end: a dozen stitches, a cup of blueberries, and a lunch date with a fascinating high-school science teacher. She returns the favor when Clay is accused of murdering his ex-wife. Laura risks her job to stay and prove his innocence. Failure may cost Clay his freedom. Flushing the real killer may cost Laura her life.

Author Bio:
Beth Carpenter splits her time between Alaska and Arizona. She’s not sure which are more terrifying: bears or scorpions. Research continues.

This book is up on Kindle Scout, with the campaign running Sept. 10 through Oct. 10. If it's chosen for publication, everyone nominating it will get a free advance copy from Amazon. Anyone with an Amazon account can nominate.

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