Friday, September 9, 2016

Review Rewind: American History

Well, I missed my rewind last month (still getting my bearings with this new pregnancy), but I'm back and excited as ever to highlight some old favorites.  With school starting up again, Patriot's Day this weekend, and just my own overall love of history, I decided this month should focus on some good American History stories.  All are historical, at one point in time or another, and definitely worth the read.  In fact, after going back through these, I may try to pick one or two back up myself.  I hope you enjoy them, along with the changing weather, as well.

Surrender the Dawn  Set during the war of 1812, this delightful adventure features an unlikely partnership between a young woman and a privateer.  The third in a series (check them all out!) it can stand on its own well.  Overall a great read and a fun adventure.

Shades of Gray  Enter a world where Kat Bailey has set sail to America as a mail order bride - a last resort.  Only when she arrives, her respectable fiance is anything but.  Taking shelter with the town outcast, will Kat learn to see beyond the rumors about Grayson?  Or are the rumors more than just gossip?

Noble Cause  This is one of the best Civil War novels I have ever read.  With a fabulous insight into both sides of the war, the author pulls you along with the main characters as they learn to traverse the muddy layers of a war that tore our country apart.  Will they find that love can survive opposing sides?

Gunpowder Tea  Set with an unlikely character of a female Pinkerton detective in the West, this is a fun and enjoyable mystery with a good dose of romance.  The last in a series, it easily stands on its own and is a thoroughly enjoyable book.  I loved the characters and the less conventional but still historical story.

I hope one of these books sparks your interest and you get to read a wonderful book or two this month!  Thanks for stopping by!

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