Friday, February 17, 2017

Book Spotlight: A Game of Secrets

A Game of Secrets
MA Lee
Book 1 in Series

Kate Charteris never expected to become a damsel in distress, yet she becomes just that when she must flee her cousin’s unwanted attentions. While she might be alone in Regency England, her parents deceased and family friends still with Wellington’s army in Portugal and Spain, she is no damsel who faints at the first sight of a dragon-like trouble.

On the hunt for the lair of smugglers and spies for Napoleon, Tony Farraday never expected to fall hard for a damsel not quite in distress. He collides with Kate on a city street and feels instant attraction. Yet Kate must catch the mail coach before it leaves, and Tony still needs orders from the spycatcher Giles Hargreaves.

Neither expects to meet again at a run-down inn on the English coast. On a crumbling cliffside, they vow to keep each other’s secrets and pretend to be strangers.

Yet that initial spark of attraction catches flame strongly and obviously, jeopardizing their pretense.
When they realize they are in the smugglers’ very lair, Tony must warn his friend Hargreaves.

The French spy arrives, demanding immediate passage across the Channel to take vital information to Napoleon. Kate befriends the spy, but she is playing a dangerous game. Tony hopes to delay the spy long enough for Hargreaves to arrest her and the smugglers—only to be caught in a trap.

When Kate’s cousin arrives, can she evade him long enough to help Tony escape? Or have they both lost this Game of Secrets?
A sweet Regency historical romance.
A Game of Secrets is a complete novel without a cliff-hanger, but the danger continues in A Game of Spies.

Author Bio:

Starting in my pre-teens, I devoured books. I solved locked room mysteries with Dame Agatha Christie and contended with the lonesome prairie through B.M. Bower’s words. The grand quartet of Mary Stewart, Phyllis A. Whitney, Dorothy Eden, and Victoria Holt lured me in with romantic suspense. Georgette Heyer’s regency romps and clever mysteries tugged me away from many homework assignments and house chores. Andre Norton expanded my world into the stars and alternate universes.

These writers did more than entertain and expand my world: they taught me that life is not simplicity; it is complexity.

As I finished writing the first three books in my Hearts in Hazard series, I realized that these novels were my attempt at the spy and smuggler stories, a tiny tribute to four great works of romantic suspense: Jane Aiken Hodge’s thrilling Watch the Wall, My Darling; Georgette Heyer’s amusing The Unknown Ajax; Daphne du Maurier’s dangerous Jamaica Inn; and my favorite of all, Mary Stewart’s This Rough Magic.

I hope that A Game of Secrets and A Game of Spies and A Game of Hearts give to you a portion of delight that each of these books and their phenomenal authors gave to me.

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