Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Book Spotlight: How to Love a Dog's Best Friend

How to Love a Dog's Best Friend
Cami Checketts

How to Love a Dog's Best Friend: Must Love Dogs Romance: Find it on Amazon.
Attacked as a child, Brikelle Manwaring is terrified of dogs. When Colt Jepson's huge Great Dane chases her up a canyon, she tells him off and prays she'll never see either of them again.
When Colt and Brikelle are forced to pretend they are married, Colt discovers there’s more to Brikelle than a feisty beauty who likes to tell him off.

Their deception grows until neither of them are sure what is reality and what is fiction. The only thing they know is if they don’t tell the truth soon, they might lose their careers and any chance to be together.

Can Brikelle ever learn to love a beastly dog, or his owner?

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