Monday, July 24, 2017

Book Spotlight: Reality Bites

Sharon Hughston

Ronnie wanted a Virtual Match, until she fell for the guy on the other end of the texts and emails.

After real-life dating for only a few weeks, things start to heat up. Ronnie’s crazy family gets crazier, and her therapist gives her an ultimatum.

Marcus teeters on the edge of falling in love, but when he learns Ronnie’s secret, he’s afraid of moving too fast. The idea of life without her terrifies him more than anything.

Ronnie runs back to the safety of her career, but can her heart ever be free from what Marcus has awakened? And will he let her go?

Author Bio:

To read is to venture into other realities. An avid book-explorer, Sharon Hughson writes romance and young adult fantasy, living out her lifetime dream and calling it “a job.” After being saved by The Chronicles of Narnia as a teenager, Sharon decided escaping reality alone isn’t nearly as delightful as sharing those make-believe worlds with friends. She invites you to enter her story realm(s) and fall in love all over again. Even after twenty-some years married to her high school sweetheart, she still enjoys the hearts-a-flutter rush from a well-told romantic tale. She resides in Oregon with her husband and three cats. You can find more of her imaginative tales at


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