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Interview: Margaret Brownley

“Are you’re askin’ if your virtue is safe with me?”
She blushed, but refused to back down. The man didn’t mince words and neither would she. “Well, is it?”
“Safe as you want it to be,” he said finally. 
                                                                           -From Margaret’s new book, A Match Made in Texas

Favorite type of hero. Type of heroine.

I like to write strong, virile heroes with a hidden sensitivity that only the heroine can bring out. My heroines tend to be feisty, strong and independent, but ultimately feminine.

Say your publisher has offered to fly you anywhere in the world to do research on an upcoming book, where would you most likely want to go?

I’ve always wanted to travel to Italy, but it would be hard convincing my publisher the necessity of going there to research my Texas-based westerns.  Do you think they’d buy the spaghetti-western angle?

What is your favorite genre to write?

I love writing romances.  Love really does make the world go around.  Every theme known to mankind can be explored within the confines of two people falling in love.  The story possibilities are endless.

What is one silly fact about you?

My granddaughter just taught me to do tricks on a Fidget.  Don’t laugh. It’s not easy.

What got you started on your writing journey?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer and wrote my first book at the age of eleven.  It was a mystery that I didn’t know how to end.  Still don’t.   My early “writing” career ended in eighth grade when I flunked English.  I went on to other things, but the writing bug never left me.  When my kids entered junior high and I had more time on my hands, I decided to follow my dream.  I wrote five books before selling my first.

Why do you choose to write clean/sweet romance?  Do you write steamy romance as well?

I started writing for Harlequin and my stories were a bit steamy, but I found myself skipping the sex scenes in the books I was reading at the time.  I was more interested in how the couple interacted before they went to bed.  I also wanted to write books that I didn’t have to hide from my grandchildren.   As a writer, it’s easy to toss a couple in bed.   The challenge for those of us writing sweet romances is to find other ways to deepen the relationship.   If we do it right, the readers will take the couple to bed on their own.

What other things do you have planned with your writing for the next year or so?

How the West Was Wed, will be out in the fall.  This is the third and last book in my A Match Made in Texas series.  A Very, Merry Small Town Christmas collection was just released and contains my story Do You Hear What I Hear?  Also, I have a story in the Christmas in a Cowboy’s Arms collection to be released October.   Meanwhile, I’m working on my new Shotgun Brides series.

What is the most rewarding thing about being a writer?

I love hearing from readers, especially when they write and tell me how the book made them laugh or touched their heart in some way.

What are the elements of a great romance for you?

When I read a romance, I want to fall in love with the hero. A great romance makes me feel some of the same feelings I felt when falling in love for real.

Please share about your book

A Match Made in Texas is Amanda Lockwood’s story.  We first met her in Left at the Altar (each book stands alone).  She’s the one who was always in trouble. This time she’s in even more hot water.  She’s now Two-Time Texas’s first female sheriff and her first duty is to save a man from a lynch mob.  Common sense tells her that the charming outlaw is guilty as charged, but her heart tells her otherwise.

If you could sum your main character into five words, what would they be?

Feisty, funny, big-hearted, unpredictable and loyal

Use no more than two sentences. Why should we read your book?

If you like being swept away by love and enjoy a little humor along the way, then this book is for you.

About Margaret

Bestselling author Margaret Brownley has penned more than forty novels and novellas. Her books have won numerous awards, including the National Readers’ Choice and Romantic Times Pioneer awards.  She’s a two-time Romance Writers of America RITA finalist and has written for a TV soap. She is currently working on her next series. Not bad for someone who flunked eighth-grade English. Just don’t ask her to diagram a sentence.

How to find Margaret

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