Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Rejected Suitor

The Rejected Suitor (Signet Regency Romance)Teresa McCarthy
Book 1 of Clearbrooke Series
The Rejected Suitor, The Wagered Bride, The Convenient Bride

"Not simpletons exactly....I believe fools and half-wits would be more appropriate."

Emily Clearbrooke's brothers have decided that it's high time they took the matter of their little sister's marriage into their own hands.  Emily is sent into the country while they look over the prospects after which they will bring her to Town.  However, having had her heart broken once before she is not willing to play into their hands so easily.  Besides which, while they were off at war, she has grown up and taken care of more than just herself.  But how to convince them to let her choose her own spouse, especially when Jared, her previous suitor gets involved.

My Opinion: This is my favorite of this series.  I absolutely love the characters.  Emily is fiery and opinionated, and yet still vulnerable.  There are great twists and turns in the plot that carry it along very nicely.  The interplay between Jared and Roderick are fantastic.  They keep me laughing.  I felt that this was very realistic in the stories and how the characters acted.  It always keeps you guessing.


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