Friday, December 17, 2010

Much Obliged

Much Obliged (Zebra Historical Romance)Jessica Benson
Regency Romance

Addie Winstead has always loved Fitzwilliam, the man her father and his set them up with before their deaths.  However, no fate seems worse than marrying a man you love who resents the obligation.  Instead, she secretly has turned to writing about boxing matches for the paper to support her family.  Fitzwilliam has no intention of settling down any time soon.  When his best friend falls in love with Addie's sister, he feels that he should tell Addie not to pass up another offer on his account.  But things don't go as planned when he finds that Addie is not the same little tom girl that he remembers.

My Opinion:  I laugh through this whole book.  I find the play between the characters to be perfect!  Addie is a fantastic character who is torn between her head and her heart.  The side characters are all wonderful and rich and add a lot to the story.  You really see the whole situation involved, not just one side of it.  The more romantic scenes are some of my favorite ever.  Truly a great read.


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